K Hopkins

K Hopkins"If you are passionate about making a difference to the lives of millions of people, we want to hear from you and maybe we will soon be able to welcome you to our exceptional department.

In DWP we are proud of the service we provide to some of the most vulnerable people in our society, at often the most difficult times in their lives. Over 22 million people across the country rely on us every day to be there for them. We are already transforming our operations to implement the largest welfare reform programme in a generation and to provide better services for the public. And we’re learning and adapting all the time.  

This is an exciting, interesting opportunity to Discover DWP. We hope that you will apply.”

 Jonathan Mills (Director General, Labour Market Policy and Implementation) Katie Farrington (Director General, Disability, Health and Pensions)

About Policy

Policy Group’s role is to provide sound and timely advice to Ministers and the Executive Team and to translate their decisions into effective policies and efficient public services. Policy Group, led by Katie Farrington and Jonathan Mills, supports Ministers and the Executive Team in establishing the future direction of the welfare system and implementing the legislation to bring about change.

Working across the department and wider government, and with industry and a range of stakeholders, Policy Group’s key activities align to the Department’s strategic priorities:

  • Support economic growth
  • Help reduce disadvantages faced by disabled and those with health conditions
  • Increase saving for, and financial security in, later life
  • Maximise number of children benefitting from child maintenance and reducing parental conflict in families

We are looking for high potential professionals with an interest or experience in policy from outside of the Civil Service to join us on this Talent Scheme. We will be providing profession-based upskilling and insight in to working in Policy in the department and across Government. Joining the scheme will give you the opportunity to explore what Policy Group looks like inside the Civil Service and provide top tips to support your future career.

Please see here for more information about the Policy profession in the Civil Service, including the kind of activity policy professionals do day-to-day, Policy Profession standards, and the type of training available to you once you become a Civil Servant. In DWP, the SCS roles have a salary package that begins at £71,000 for our SCS1 (Deputy Director Roles)

An SCS Role in Policy in DWP might hold responsibilities such as:

  • Developing new policies to tackle issues in the welfare system.
  • Introducing new legislation and expanding scope of existing powers
  • Deliver on the National Audit Officed recommendations 
  • Leading on fiscal events for your business area
  • Working on cross Government of policy areas with shared interest on your business area

Key relationships will include:

  • Ministers and Special Advisers, including the Minister for Welfare Delivery;
  • Senior colleagues across DWP and DHSC;
  • Counterparts in Treasury, No.10, Cabinet Office and other departments;

A day in the life a Policy Director:

What is it like to be in a Senior Policy Leadership role in DWP?

K Hopkins

"I have worked in DWP and its predecessors for nearly 30 years and spent over 20 of them in Sheffield or Leeds. I have been based in Sheffield for all of my Senior Civil Service career, with 11 years of that in Policy Group in 5 different roles. I’m currently a Director with responsibility for, amongst other things, Universal Credit and our large programmes for helping people back to work. It’s fascinating and important work, and I’m supported by a great team across all of Policy Group’s locations…First Covid and now hybrid working and the widespread adoption of Teams have of course reduced the requirement and expectation to travel. I’m really keen that we continue to grow our cadre of people at SCS level in Policy Group across the country.

Angus Gray, Director, Universal Credit, Employment Support, International and Corporate Support, Policy Group