About DWP

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) touches the lives of every citizen in the country at some point in their life. 

As the UK government’s largest public service provider, we support people into work, help disabled people live more independent lives, improve house and tackle homelessness, provide the financial foundation for a secure old age through the State Pension, and ensure children of separated parents have more opportunity to fulfil their potential through a better child maintenance system.

We are passionate about making a sustainable and positive impact to people’s lives every day by providing a modern, fair and affordable welfare system. We seek to be an exemplar of the Modern Civil Service so that we can better deliver for citizens and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We value everybody and we are passionate about making DWP an inclusive place to work where everyone feels they can be themselves and are supported to be their best. As a department we are committed to providing services to citizens which embrace diversity, and which promote equality of opportunity. As an employer we are also committed to equality and valuing diversity within our workforce.

We are committed to providing enriching development opportunities for our people and have recently launched the DWP Capability Strategy. Our vision is:

To achieve a culture of continuous learning and inclusivity to enable us to build flexible skillsets and respond to our ever-changing context.

Learning is something that we all do all the time. It is not just for when we change jobs, and we don’t only do it in the classroom. In a culture of continuous learning we learn from our colleagues, we learn as teams, we learn from our customers, we learn when things go well and when they go wrong. 

As a Department, our values guide how we work with each other, customers and others. Understanding how we live up to them helps us learn for the future. They sit at the heart of everything we do for each other and our customers.

Our values

Our values guide how we work with each other, customers and others.
Understanding how we live up to them helps us learn for the future.

We care

We look out for each other. We listen to each other and to our customers. We take people’s needs seriously.

We deliver

We are committed and professional. We take responsibility for getting the job done right. We take pride in our expertise and our purpose.

We adapt

We learn and grow together to find better ways of working. We change what we do as our customers’ needs change.

We work together

We pull together because we know that when we join up with others we achieve greater things.

We value everybody

We work to make this a place where everyone belongs and can be at their best. We know that being inclusive will be at the heart of our success

The aim of this scheme is to help prepare high-potential individuals from outside of the Government to apply to roles in the Senior Civil Service in the future. The Senior Civil Service exists to provide high-level support to government ministers, assist in the development and implementation of government policy to enable delivery of better public service, and ensure the effective management of services.

These are just some of the brilliant colleagues on our frontline, delivering key services to some of the most vulnerable in society. As an SCS in Policy or HR, you would potentially be leading policy development for these colleagues to deliver or working as a HR Director for the whole of Work and Health Services.